Mission Statement


You have to hold yourself accountable for your actions, and that’s how we’re going to protect the Earth.

– Julia Butterfly Hill


I have been against waste and fast fashion my whole life. I am more of a 'buy the high quality classics and they will last you forever' kind of gal.

So when I started making jewellery, I knew I wasn't going to part of the fast-fashion, trendy, 'must have for this season only' way of consuming. I wanted to make pieces that would last both structurally and aesthetically. My work was to be timeless, and have the potential to be worn every single day for decade and still be looking as good as new.

It was also very important to me that my pieces be sustainable, and have no carbon footprint at all.

Days of August started off as a creative and ecological project. I found a machinist who worked down my way in South Australia, and I started using his industrial stainless steel offcuts to make jewellery, saving all those pieces that were too small for him to use from landfill.

My packaging is either made from recycled paper (business cards, postcards) or made to keep forever (felt coin purse pouch for the jewellery instead of plastic bags or cardboard boxes)

I installed solar panels to run my studio to use clean, renewable energy to make my pieces.

I singed up as a member of Trees for Life - a non profit organisation that helps in the reforestation of our state. I am a volunteer grower, and grow 300 native trees a year from seeds that are then planted in rural areas.

All of these business practices has made my business carbon neutral since it's first year in business, back in 2011.