Mission Statement

" First, do no harm."

Why is this oath only officially taken by medical doctors?

It should be the basic guideline for anyone starting a new business or project. I believe we must be responsible and conscious of what we are doing and how we are doing it.

When I started Days of August, my priority was to make jewellery pieces that would last both structurally and aesthetically. I did not want it to be part of a throw-away culture. I want my work to be timeless, and have the potential to be worn every single day for decades and still be looking as good as new.

I work hard to ensure my pieces can stand the test of time. I want them to be treasured, and eventually become heirlooms. Sustainability is at the core of Days of August, which is why I have chosen reclaimed industrial stainless steel as my primary material.

Every piece is handmade with a considered attention to detail, and an ecological mindset. I am happy to say that responsible business practices, along with local sourcing and handmade production methods has made Days of August a carbon neutral business.