Why Stainless Steel?

Yes, my material of choice is an unusual one.

I reclaim industrial grade stainless steel offcuts from a local machinist in the southern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia. It is between 1.2mm and 2mm thick, which is much thicker than the 0.4mm standard used in the industry. 

I had previously trained as a silversmith, only to find that none of the traditional jewellery making techniques worked on this much harder, stronger materials. I was back to square one, testing all kinds of different tools and methods to bring the stainless steel back to it's former glory.

The process is loud, messy, harsh and even painful at times, so why go through all that trouble?

Because once the stainless steel is looking like new again, it will remain that way forever. 

  • It will not tarnish or oxidise, so you don't have to clean it. Ever.
  • It is hypoallergenic. It is the safest metal to have against your skin. Even super sensitive skin.
  • It is super strong and durable to last a lifetime. Or two. (or three!)
  • Being quite affordable, it makes it possible for me to make larger pieces without them being priced out of reach.
  • It is a great, solid base to create earrings and necklaces by spot welding it, and using powder coating or embroidery to add colour to it.
  • Best of all, it's reclaimed, which is eco friendly, sustainable which contributes to Days of August being carbon neutral.

All the other components I use to make my pieces - like chains and ear posts - are also stainless steel.

Each Days of August piece is designed and made by myself in my Adelaide Studio.