Frequently Asked Questions


Where are your products made?

All Days of August products are handcrafted in Adelaide, South Australia. When a product has a component that needs laser cutting, etching, sand blasting, powder coating or printing, we use the services of Australian companies.


What kind of recycled materials do you use?

As a business, we are constantly improving internal processes to ensure Days of August can maintain a sustainable business model and end product.

- The stainless steel we use has been reclaimed from industrial offcuts.

- Most fabrics we use in the collar collection are also reclaimed offcuts.

- The ties used for the Windsor are carefully chosen high quality second-hand ties, which are steamed and pressed before using.

- The sterling silver use is recycled and Australian.

- The wood packaging is made from plywood offcuts.

- The cards and postcards used for packaging are made from recycled paper.


Who designs the products?

All designs are created by Marie-Pier Labelle. Although some product’s finishings might be inspired by fashion, product design, or even old movies - most of the original ideas for her pieces have been inspired by her homeland of Canada and her childhood in Montréal.


Where are your products sold?

Days of August products can be bought online directly from our website, or on Etsy. Days of August also stocks in a variety of shops around Australia, UK and Canada. Stockists tend to be homeware / gift stores, galleries, eco friendly / handmade focused shops.

We actively participate in curated designer markets arounds Australia, such as Bowerbird Bazaar, Finders Keepers, Markit@FedSquare and The Big Design Market.

Check our Events Page to see where you can find us next.



How do I care for my Jewellery?

Our stainless steel jewellery is designed to never tarnish or discolour. If however, your piece gets scratched, a piece of sandpaper is all you need to make it look as good as new. Just put the sandpaper on a flat surface and rub your piece in long strokes, following the grain of the stainless steel. Do not use this technique if your stainless steel piece is embroidered with cotton.

Our jewellery must never be submerged in water. In the event of an accident with a powder coated item, it can easily be touched up with enamel paint. Tiny tins of said paint can be purchased from hobby stores for under $3. Feel free to contact us for the code of the exact enamel paint colour you need.


How do I care for my Windsor Tie and Victorian necklace?

We recommend using a detergent spot pen to clean little specks on your Windsor Necktie. Do not machine wash.

The collar collection can be hand washed with mild soap (dishwashing soap works a treat). Just use a bowl and only submerge the fabric part of the necklace in warm soapy water. Rinse with clean water (again, fabric part only) and lay flat on a towel to dry. If the collar has creased while washed, it can be ironed once dried.


How do which size ring to buy?

Follow this link for an easy way to find your ring size. All you need is a bank card to tune the display to the right size and a ring that fits the finger you are buying the ring for. Works like a charm, and only takes a few seconds!


My discount code does not work, what should I do?

When using a discount code please ensure that there are no spaces in your code and that you take note of any upper or lower space characters. Do also check the expiry date of your code to ensure it is still valid. When in the cart, click on "update total" to refresh the pricing and display the calculated discount.